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Business License Online Renewal

Businesses located or operating in Santa Monica are required to renew their business license annually. Business licenses are generally issued for the fiscal year, which commences on July 1st and ends on June 30th of each year. Though renewals are due on July 1st of each year, the Municipal Code provides a 60-day grace period before penalties are assessed. Be sure to print out a copy of the Renewal Confirmation Screen for your records. Even if you do not owe any tax, you must submit a completed business license renewal electronically or by mail no later than August 31st of every year.

Most, but not all, Santa Monica business licenses can be renewed online. If any of the following apply to your business, you must renew by mail or in person: (1) change of business location, owner, business name or activity; (2) businesses located in the Downtown assessment districts that would like to pay the assessment in installments; and (3) pedicab operators.

Verify the information provided on the next screen. If any of the information is incorrect or outdated, please make the necessary changes online. Please note that not all changes can be accepted via the online system as they may require additional steps to complete the update.

What you will need to renew online:

  1. Payment - All major credit cards or debit cards with the Visa or Mastercard logo or E-check (bank name, routing number, bank account) are accepted. As of January 1, 2021, all credit/debit card transactions will incur a convenience fee charged by the processor of 2.95%.
  2. Business license number and Web PIN (shown on your Notice to Renew)
  3. Supplemental Forms - Additional documentation may be required to obtain a business license. These forms are not included in the online renewal system and must be uploaded when renewing online.
  4. Santa Monica gross receipts for the calendar year 2022 (if this is your first year renewing, click HERE for reporting period information).

    When the Business License unit deems the renewal complete and payment is received, the application will be routed to the appropriate City departments for review. Once the appropriate approvals are received, a business license certificate will be issued.

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Enter your online renewal PIN. This number can be found on your renewal form in the upper right corner. Click here to have the PIN emailed to the primary contact's email on file.